The Hardness of Hardwoods
Tiger Floors, Inc.

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Hardwood can be ranked by hardness tests, stability (expansion-contraction) and, of course, price. In the chart below, low numbers indicate harder wood, more stability and lower cost.

Species Hardness Rank Stability Rank Cost Multiplier
White Oak 12 5 1X
Red Oak 15 4 1.30X
Maple 10 6 1.50X
Brazilian Cherry 1 9 1.75X
Birch 16 7 1.30X
Douglas Fir 23 12 1.75X
Ash 13 10 1.50X
Beech 14 1 1.50X

Source: NWFA PUB. NO. A200

Want the most floor for your money??  Use clear white OAK.
For higher stability, order quarter sawn lumber. (ADD .25X to cost multiplier)

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