While You Vacation, Burglars Get Busy

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New National Survey Shows Few Homeowners Have Taken Even Simplest, Cheapest Measures to Protect Their Homes

The FBI reports that July and August -- when most families vacation -- are the two months with the highest number of home property crimes. Since the Travel Industry Association of America estimates a 4% increase in the number of vacations taken this year, summer '99 could be a banner year for burglars.|

Before families pack their bags and load up their mini vans, what can they do to prevent burglars from packing up what's left? A new company, SecureRite.com, has a web site (http://www.securerite.com) with the answers. The site offers ten important tips to protect your home before leaving it, as well as an online, interactive home security evaluation, home safety tips, and the convenience of ordering home security and safety products online at the best available prices.

Surprisingly, few homeowners have taken even the simplest and cheapest measures to prevent home break-ins. A new survey commissioned by SecureRite.com reports that even though crime is a top concern of Americans, fewer than 20 percent have installed something as cheap and effective in deterring burglars as interior light timers. In fact, 97 percent of homeowners think their home security could be improved. SecureRite.com was created to help them.

"Time, light and noise are the biggest enemies of burglars," says Marshall Merrifield, security expert and CEO of SecureRite.com. "Their greatest fear is detection. The more you can do to slow them down, make them visible or call attention to their surroundings, the better your chances are of keeping them out of your house."

SecureRite.com offers families everything they need to improve the safety and security of their home -- from deadbolts to motion sensor lights, pool alarms, safes and carbon monoxide detectors. Because the company is a division of the nation's largest wholesaler of security products, everything is offered at the best available price and shipped within 24 hours. Don't know how to install some of the products? SecureRite.com matches you with an affiliated neighborhood locksmith for service and installation.

Some of SecureRite.com's ten tips for protecting your home before leaving on vacation include:

  • Turn your phone ringer off so the unanswered phone won't alert burglars that no one is home
  • Leave your shades in the normal position -- closed shades make it difficult for police and neighbors to see inside
  • Park your car in the garage or have a neighbor move it -- collected leaves and dust will tip burglars that you're away.

For a full list of tips, visit the securerite web site at www.securerite.com
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