Review of Stanley's Intellimeasure

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Need to quickly estimate the size of a room? Stanley's IntelliMeasure™ might provide a quick and easy answer. The IntelliMeasure™ is one of the latest additions to Stanley’s IntelliTools™ line of electronic products.

The IntelliMeasure™ is an ultrasonic estimator that allows you to quickly measure linear dimensions with 5% accuracy. One of the Intellimeasure's best features is the addition of a bright red laser beam which indicates the points being measured. This feature differentiates the product strongly from its many competitors.

The IntelliMeasure™ does have a built in calculator with math and memory functions that allows easy calculation of area and volume. The laser ultrasonic estimator’s is made from high-grade plastic--it seems like it could stand up to a bit of abuse. Its ergonomic design makes it fit my hand well, and the buttons are large and easy to press. Another positive is that it uses a commonly available 9V battery--it's nice to be able to stop at any store and pick up a battery rather than having to go to an electronics store.

Although the ultrasonic estimator is a great tool for estimating, it does not replace a measuring tape. Its accuracy of 5% means that you can have an error of upto 6" in a 10' measurement. In practice, I found better accuracy than that if the tool was held absolutely perpendicular to the surface being measured. If the tool is not held perpendicular to the surface being measured you can get some very odd readings as the sound bounces around the room before returning to the sensor. We highly recommend that you subject readings to the "reasonableness test".

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