Walls With Style Painting Kit

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We've all seen the new wall styles that can be created to achieve a textured, artistic finish instead of a plainly colored wall. The usual way of doing this can be very time consuming and take quite a bit of artistic talent. Walls with Style has introduced a twin roller decorative painting kit which BuiltOnline tested to see if it minimized what could be a big hassle.

The kit includes:

  • An instructional video.
  • A roller with two textured roller brushes which are used to create the faux finish on the wall. They are interchangeable and can be replaced with a standard 9 inch roller.
  • A paint tray with a divided liner for the two colors used with the twin roller. This divider may be removed as well.
  • A splatter proof paint grid is set at the bottom of the tray wells and allows you to blot the roller, ensuring that an even amount will be applied to the wall.
  • A special edging sponge tool is also included to paint around small spaces where the rollers can't reach.
  • Paint is not included in the system and you must decide which two colors to use with the twin roller. A brochure with the kit,though, gives suggestions on correlating colors.

First, I watched the instructional video. The video is extremely helpful and I can't stress enough that this should be viewed before attempting to paint with this system. Each step of the painting process was explained in detail and demonstrated. A number for each step was displayed in the corner of the screen so I could quickly fast forward to the section I wanted to view. Quite a few times, I reviewed how to use the edging tool.

The steps were fairly simple. First, I taped around all the wall edges and the door frame. I then poured the two colors I chose to work with on either side of the divided tray. I painted the wall corners and around the door with each of these two colors on the edging sponge. After that, all I had to do was dip the twin roller in the tray so that it was coated with both colors, blot it on the pad at the bottom of the tray, and start rolling. The only problem I had was smoothing out the boundary between the area I had sponged and the area I painted with the twin roller. It also took longer to paint the wall than with a standard roller so I'd advise you to use this only if you have the time and patience to paint a little longer than usual. The textured twin rollers do take longer to completely cover the wall versus a standard roller.

So if you have a Saturday to spend at home and feel a bit of an artistic urge in you, go for it. With this system, a textured wall is definitely not a hassle.

If you would like to find out more information about the twin roller decorative painting kit, you can visit the Walls with Style web site at www.wallswithstyle.com

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