Bosch's 1640VS/1640VSK Power Handsaw

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Bosch's 1640VS/1640VSK is a power handsaw that allows you to make very clean critical fit cuts. With its three blades (flush cut blade, fine tooth blade and coarse tooth blade) it allows you to make a variety of fine cuts quickly and easily.|

The saw features:

  • Electronic variable speed control
  • Side mount blade mounts on left or right side
  • Ultra fine teeth provide smooth tearfree cuts
  • Clic, quick tool-less blade changes
  • Capacities 2-1/2" in wood, 3/4" in Plastic
  • Weight 3.5 lbs

The 1640VSK Kit includes:

  • finecut power handsaw
  • miter table attachment
  • flush cut blade
  • fine tooth blade
  • coarse tooth blade
  • two miter table attachment clamps
  • work piece clamp
  • carrying case

The miter table attachment is invaluable. It allows you to make precise cuts at any angle, it has preset's at the common angles and makes changing to those presets very quick by using a large button release Since we were doing trim work, we had to change to a different angles for each piece--it took mere seconds. Bosch has also made it very easy to change blades as you work with its Clic system. A mere press of a button and the blade pops loose, simply press in the new blade and your're ready to go.

We primarily tested the saw by doing finish trim work on the house using the miter table attachment and the fine tooth blade that comes with the 1640VSK kit. With a little bit of practice the saw made beautiful cuts that truly did not have to be sanded to fit together. If you want the cleanest cuts, do clamp your work down to the miter table before starting the cut.

We did do a number of cuts into PVC and wood freehand. The large blade size made it relatively easy to form clean straight cuts. We did not have the opportunity to use the flush cutting feature. However, since the blade is offset to one side of the tool, you can make cuts quite close to an obstacle (such as the ground).

A significant advantage of the Bosch tool over a traditional miter saw is its size and weight. It is a lot easier to set up on the job site than a traditional miter saw, and if you put a utility vacuum cleaner on its dust collection port, you can easily use it indoors without creating too big a mess.

Bosch's power handsaw like most Bosch tools is a well made tool. It is invaluable if you have a lot of precise cuts to make that would normally require a handsaw and then sanding.

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