Dremel High Speed Professional Rotary Tool

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Dremel High Speed tools have been around for over forty years. In fact, when we were testing the Dremel High Speed Professional Rotary Tool on the building site, the builder started playing with and commented that he had used the Dremel Tool over thirty years ago to polish dies in his factory. |

The Dremel High Speed Professional Rotary Tool is a professional grade tool is designed specifically for long-term, heavier and more precise usage:

  • The speed is adjustable in 1,000 rpm increments from 5,000-30,000 rpm with a LCD readout to get accurate speed adjustments. On start the electronics ease up to the selected speed and use electronic feedback to keep the speed as constant as possible.
  • The tool has a powerful motor motor with a cooling fan to maximize life. The brushes are easily replaceable.
  • The Dremel tools is very solid and well designed.
  • The tool of course uses hundreds of Dremel's cutting, grinding, sanding accessory bits.

The Dremel tool ended up being used at the house quite a few times:

  • The granite counter under the kitchen had excess grout that was stuck underneath it. Using the Dremel tool with a cutoff wheel, the grout was quickly removed without damage to the granite.
  • The utility room doors flashing as sticking out with a sharp, ragged edge. Again, the cutoff wheel quickly cut through the flashing. In fact, it did a much better job than an angle grinder because of the precise control.
  • When the nails were shot into a few windows they came through the other side. Again the cutoff wheel quickly and precisely cut through the nails without damage to the windows.

The Dremel High Speed Professional Rotary Tool is the top end of Dremel's line. For the additional cost you get a well balanced, well designed, powerful tool that you will end up using heavily.

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