Eclipse Computer Light

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The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health says 66 million Americans work more than two hours daily at the computer. 91% suffer from eyestrain or CVS (computer vision syndrome). A good way to combat CVS is to reduce direct glare from your office lighting. Opt instead for reflective glare, far less perceptible. You can accomplish this with a shift of your light source from behind you in favor of lighting above the monitor, and by switching to reflective rather then direct lighting. |

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about using the Eclipse computer light. However, since OneTech sent us the Eclipse computer light for review approximately one month ago it has been firmly glued to the top of my monitor and is often the only light that's been used in the study. The Eclipse light creates a restful reflected glow that sheds a pool of light over the desk area. The Eclipse Computer Light uses an energy efficient flourescent 13-watt bulb nestled in its base to reflect light off its lamp shade.

The Eclipse Computer Light is solidly built task light that I would highly recommend if you spend significant time in front of a computer. The Eclipse Computer Light can be purchased directly from OneTech at It is also available from a number of catalogs and office supply stores.

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