Sentry 1175 Fire Safe Security File

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We have been using Sentry's Fire-Safe Security File's at our office for three years to protect important paper files, software, and backups. In a home office you end up with some of the same important documents. Sentry's line of Fire Safe Security files provides basic fire protection with a 1/2 hour UL rated fire protection at a reasonable cost. |

Unlike metal, the plastic in Sentry Fire-Safe Security File's are poor conductors of heat. This helps keep the temperature inside the safe under the damage temperature for paper. In theory at high temperatures, any gaps engineered in the structure of Security Chest will fuse and create a heat resistant seal--of course we didn't have an opportunity to try this feature.

Sentry also builds Fire-Safe media products which are designed to provide extra protection to fragile electronic and magnetic media. These sensitive media can be damaged at temperatures as low as 125F or at 80% humidity (unlike paper which burns at over 400F . The Sentry Fire-Safe media chest carries a half-hour UL media rating for protection from elevated heat and humidity.

It is important to note that the Sentry Fire-Safe's do not provide significant protection against theft. Sentry carefully advertises that the Fire-Safe's key lock is for privacy only. Sentry makes a line of "Steal-Safe" chests that provide a great deal more security against theft.

We reviewed the Sentry 1175 Fire-Safe Security File. It is ideal for a home office environment because it is big enough to hold file folders and other bulky items and has plenty of capacity. However, we'd recommend going to and reviewing their choices to find the safe you need.

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