Kuhn-Rikon Deluxe Stainless Steel Safety Lid Lifter

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I have thought of can openers as being a plain-Jane kitchen gadget. They come either electric or manual. They open the can at the top. The inside of the can & the lid can have sharp edges. What could possibly make a can opener review worthy? All of these preconceived ideas make the Kuhn-Rikon can opener a surprise.|

It looks pretty much as you would expect a manual can opener to look. Itís a stainless steel construction Ė very easy grip on the handles. It latches onto the can at the top rather than to the side. The knob is easy to turn & can be used by lefties or righties.

Now, here's the surprise! When you lift the lid away, lid does not lift from the inside edge. It lifts from the outside edge. The cut is clean and blunt on both the lid and the can. No cut fingers! Also there isnít a chance for the lid to fall back into the can. The packaging for this product is cute Ė it comes in a can with a pop-top lid. Yes! you can open the package without a can opener.

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