Diary Summary
A day to day account of what is happening on the house

7/29/99 Lights! Camera! Action
7/28/99 We pass Inspection. Occupation Certificate Issued
7/27/99 House Cleaning
7/26/99 Carpet is going in
7/25/99 Wood Floor Finishing
7/24/99 Little Details
7/23/99 Occupation Certificate
7/16/99 Finishing touches
7/13/99 BuiltOnline on KVUE-24 tonight
7/9/99 Finally! Railing's all installed
7/7/99 Water doesn't flow uphill
7/3/99 Driveway's Half Done, Problem with Glass Block
6/29/99 A three ring circus
6/26/99 Progress! Slow but at least its started
6/23/99 Aaargh! Delays, Delays! Delays
6/20/99 Painting is completed
6/15/99 Cabinets are in
6/10/99 A lot going on
6/1/99 Wrought Iron Installed
5/31/99 Granite on Sale, Trim Started
5/29/99 Masonry is complete on the outside
5/26/99 Back from California
5/21/99 Picking out doors
5/19/99 Rockwork starts
5/18/99 Choosing the trim
5/17/99 Looking at Appliances
5/13/99 Sheetrock is hung, First sample of railing
5/7/99 Energy Inspection Passed - Sheetrock being hung
5/6/99 Insulation is in, waiting for sheetrock
5/2/99 Wrought Iron? Installing electric boxes
5/1/99 Playing Poker
4/30/99 The shape of things to come
4/29/99 Meeting with a Professional Engineer
4/27/99 Frame Passed Inspection
4/26/99 The first major theft
4/24/99 Looking for Tile. A mistake in the phone wiring
4/22/99 Network wiring is in, Tub being repaired again
4/20/99 Frustrations with the tub repair
4/19/99 Network Wiring and Central Vac
4/17/99 Checking the Framing
4/16/99 Meeting the Trim Carpenter
4/15/99 Electrical Plan Finalized
4/11/99 Wrought Iron
4/9/99 Electrician didn't show up
4/7/99 Electrician started work
4/6/99 A banner day!
4/5/99 Roof is finished
4/3/99 Roof is being put on the house

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