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A banner day!
Tuesday, April 6
Much to the plumber's relief (who had visions of paying for expensive tubs), the tub manufacturer said they could fix the crack in the tub easily. What they basically do is underlay the broken section with fiberglass mesh, cut a V shaped groove into both broken sections, and then pour in the same material that they built the tub with.

Since the majority of the exterior of the house is rock, and they had already done the prep work, it took the painters only a day to finish painting the exterior of the house. I haven't had a chance to go by and look at the colors yet.

The house has been held up for a bit because the electrician normally used by #1 Custom Homes has been very busy. Seems like this is a common problem in the white hot Austin market. Fortunately we found another electrician who is willing to start Thursday.

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