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Wrought Iron
Sunday, April 11
The electrician had two people on the job today. We did find a minor mistake on the plan. The light that was supposed to be on top of the kitchen sink wandered over to the middle of the breakfast area--easily fixed.

The electrician also forgot about the light's and fan on the top deck. Again, easily fixed.

Once again we met with Roberto, who is going to supply the wrought iron railings. I think we've finally settled on the railing design for the back deck and the interior stairs. We're still debating how to handle the front door.

The detail and choices in a house constantly amazes me. No sooner had we decided on the railing design, we had to decide how the railing was going to meet the stairs. Whether we were going to have a bottom rail...or if the ballisters were going to go directly to the step. Hmmm....after much thought (and visiting two houses with the two different options) we decided to have a bottom rail...seems stronger.

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