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Aaargh! Delays, Delays! Delays
Wednesday, June 23
Its been a frustrating couple of days. Despite choosing contractor's based on reliability and quality instead of price we are having problems with delays.

Our tile contractor (who's job is to manage the entire installation of flooring and thereby charge a 20% premium) is now 4 days late. Their crew decided not to work because they found another more profitable job. If you're in Austin, write me and I may tell you who it is. Tile is on the critical path and is delaying the house.

The mason who did such a wonderful job on the house has decided he doesn't want to finish the walls and pathways and cleanup. That is definately a problem with all contractor's--they hate to clean up. We have hired another mason.

The person who is installing our wood floor is stuck in the Rio Grande Valley because his truck is broken--or so he says.

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